Sebastián Piñera voted and warned: “Whoever wins, must never forget that he will be the President of all Chileans”

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Sebastián Piñera voted and warned: "Whoever wins, must never forget that he will be the President of all Chileans"

This Sunday the elections are taking place in Chile, in a historic ballot that faces Gabriel Boric Y Jose Antonio Kast, of the candidates with opposing ideological models: the left against the right.

Outgoing President Sebastián Piñera approached to vote at 8.15am, and then gave a press conference in which he asked for a “transparent and democratic” election. This occurs in the framework of one of the dirtiest campaigns in Chile, according to the specialists.

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The president also left a message to the future winner of the historic ballot: “Whoever he is should never forget that he is going to be the president of all Chileans, not just of those who supported him.”

In Chile, voting is not mandatory, so Piñera asked people to come and vote. “I invite older adults and pregnant women to come and vote, they will have preferential treatment. We must give an example to all the others of commitment and love for Chile, “he said.

Elections in Chile: Sebastián Piñera’s wish for the future president

“I want to wish the future president, that he has wisdom, prudence and success because He is going to need them ”, highlighted the current president of Chile, who is aligned with the candidate of the Christian Social Front, José Antonio Kast.

In that sense, Piñera added: “Every president of Chile must work tirelessly to protect our democracy, our coexistence and to make our country move forward ”.

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“We must allow all compatriots who can fulfill their lives, fulfill their dreams, develop their talents and have a life with dignity and happiness,” said who will be president until March 11, 2022.

In the run-up to the elections that will be closed, Piñera closed the press conference with a message for the Chilean people: “Today is their day, the voice of the candidates is turned off and we want to hear the voice of the people strong and deep ”.

Elections in Chile: why Sebastián Piñera’s candidate could win the ballot

  • The history: In the first round on November 22, Kast won with 27.91% of the votes against Boric’s 25.83%. The past favors him because since 1999 when the presidency was decided in a ballot and it always turned out winner the winning candidate of the first round.
  • The support of Franco Parisi: The electoral process today focuses especially on capturing the votes that went to the “outsider” and liberal candidate Franco Parisi, who campaigned from the United States and obtained the 12.80% of the votes. Despite the predictions that brought him closer to Boric, Parisi supported Kast in the last hours.
  • Failures in the polls: in the last time, in Chile the surveys did not have great successes. The reason is that voting is not mandatory and many of those who participate in these polls ultimately decide not to vote. In fact abstention in the first round reached 53%.

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Elections in Chile: why Michelle Bachelet’s candidate could win the ballot

  • The polls: The latest polls carried out by consulting firms favor Boric, although by such a narrow margin that it could be interpreted as a dead heat. A survey of the consultancy fall, to which he had access Reuters, noted that 52% of those polled would vote for Boric compared to 48% who would vote for Kast. In a similar study carried out a week after the first round, the leftist candidate’s advantage was 8 points.
  • What the voters of Franco Parisi will do: Despite the fact that in recent days Parisi approached Kast, the probing of fall revealed that the majority of his voters seem to lean towards Boric.
  • A strong backing: In addition to being supported by Michelle Bachelet, the leftist candidate obtained the support of those who elected the Christian Democrat Yasna Provoste (ex-Concertation), the ex-deputy of the center-left Marco Enriquez-Ominami and the ultra-left candidate Eduardo Artés.

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