Android: how to find your cell phone by clapping

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The telephones mobile phones They have become very important tools and of daily use for all people, since currently it is very common for someone to study, work or request delivery of products from the cell phone. In this opportunity we will teach you a very simple trick that will help you find your smartphone equipment by doing only applause.

One of the artifacts that people use throughout the day is the mobile phone without a doubt, since it accompanies you anywhere 7 days a week, however, sometimes you take a break and you usually leave your device in somewhere in your house, the point is that you don’t know where or how to find it.

Although the most logical thing would be for someone else to call you, sometimes you don’t have someone to do it. Another solution may be to connect to a computer and tell any of your Facebook or Instagram friends to call you on Messenger or WhatsApp, but to avoid these inconveniences it is best to install an application called Clap to find, it will help you locate your smartphone Android after clapping.

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