Best movies about horse racing betting

By: Will Wood

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Horse racing has grown a large fan base and is loved by many. Aside from the fact that it is one of the most consumed art forms, movies about sports stir up real emotions in you, whether laughter, sadness, anger, or thrill because of the depth of themes they explore. Different people have their preferences for movies, some prefer comedy, others horror, and some tragedies. However, some people love movies about horse race betting.

Horse racing is a sport that is loved by many. And betting on them in smartphone online casino is very popular. The excitement and thrill of watching your favorite sport are gripping; this is usually a top sport for betting.

Japan has a history of horseracing. Over 20,000 jockey play in a year and there are different kinds of bets you can engage in such as the quinella. You’re probably wondering, what is a quinella bet in horse racing bets, but that’s a topic for another post. These films can remain relevant because of their powerful storylines. They sometimes have a racehorse as the star, but fans are still drawn to it in their numbers. Here is a list of the top five great horse racing movies you’d love. 

Luck (2011)

Luck is one of the best horse racing Hollywood products on betting, even though it is a TV series. However, it stopped airing after three horses died during the course of filming. From the first episode, the mood is set as viewers are introduced to the world of the various characters within a short period. This episode touches on a lot of aspects in a short time, addressing how everything happens during the sport. Characters such as the degenerate bettors who gamble with their last checks,  the ex-convict leveraging a front to own a horse, the old trainer who won’t stop, the young jockey and all are depicted. It captures both the extreme and the emotional roller coasters and features characters such as Chester Bernstein, Gus Demitrio etc.


When it comes to the best horse racing movies and one about a record-breaking horse, this is a good one to watch. It was produced in Hungary. Kincsem is one of the most expensive domestic productions in Hungary. Herendi the director uses the actual story of sporting glory with a made-up love one during the height of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Kincsem was owned by Queen Victoria, the most successful thoroughbred racehorse in history. She won 54 times before the year 1879.

This features Erno who becomes a playboy, engaging in debauchery and was mostly found in Budapest’s finest brothels or opera houses even though he was mostly financially lacking. He survived on his gamble on racehorses although he was mostly losing than winning.


This Disney big-budget movie is about Secretariat and its owner Penny Chenery. The producers spent plenty of money and backed it up with a solid cast. It follows the true story of Secretariat who was a Triple Crown winner, becoming the first race horse to win the Triple Crown  in 1973 after 25 years and also breaking records at the Kentucky Derby.

Penny Chenery, his owner, takes over the management of her father’s stable. He is suffering from Alzheimer. As a woman, she is met by obstacles especially because she was an oddity in a male-dominated sport of horse races.

Although there are some inaccuracies, it is an indisputable fact that Secretariat rewrote history and the movie did a nice job in capturing his greatness and record-breaking career. The movie also consists of clips from his victory back at the Belmont Stakes, as well as the fact that he was wagered down to odds of just $.20 on the dollar that’s 1-5 in racing lingo, meaning bettors could win just $1 for every $5 they wagered.

Murphy’s Stroke (1980)

Murphy’s Stoke is based on the true story of a dangerous gamble which was almost done by a rich businessman called Tony Murphy. Edward O’Grady had prepared the horse for success at Cartmel, a low-level race in Cumbria. This was going to lead to bets in double and triple folds as two other non-running mares trained by Anthony Collins ran. However, they never left the yard leading to a downward spiral after his housekeeper speaks to an inquisitive journalist. This act prevented the bookmakers from paying out and Murphy and Collins were convicted at Preston Crown Court and barred from British racecourses for a decade. It’s a great work of art with lots of gambling action; one you should definitely watch if you’re a fan or you appreciate such.

Let it Ride

Based on the novel by Jay Cronley, this is a horse racing movie that revolves around horse racing. This is way before the legalization of online casinos, betting had to be done in person. Its plausible storyline makes the characters real and very relatable. It stars Richard Dreyfuss as the lead character Jay Trotter. He is a cab driver and racehorse gambler who promises his wife Teri Garr that he would stop betting. After several losses, one day, Trotter has a series of wins that almost amounts to a small fortune. The thrill and adrenaline are vividly depicted in this even if the lucky spell feels untrue.

The film is a feel-good movie that is filled with pitfalls, you can’t help but root for the aloof protagonist.


These are the top 5 horse racing movies you should see. Some others worthy of mention are National Velvet featuring Elizabeth Taylor and her colt who go for the England Grand National Sweepstakes regardless of the horse racing odds. This film was preserved by the National Film Registry for its richness. Seabiscuit is another, as well as Phar lap who contested for the Agua Caliente during the Great Depression. Lastly, Ride like a Girl featuring Payne who becomes the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup,

Whether you’re a fan or the zero-hero story, the bittersweet tale of self-determination, the comedy, there’s a film for you to watch on the Big screen where people stake their favorites and go through the rush, hoping to make a big win.