Dragon Age 4: Release Date, Trailer and Gameplay

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trailer, gameplay and After a half-hearted test, I had to tell you about a series of games that I particularly appreciate! If there is a license that has made a place for itself in the toy libraries of players, it is Dragon Age (proof of this is the Wiki of the franchise). After the release of the first game, Dragon Age: Origins, which had left no one indifferent, Bioware and EA have put the cover twice. Dragon Age 2 had not convinced many people in 2011, while the last opus, Dragon Age Inquisition (2014) had delighted critics, a little less the community, if we believe Metacritic. As for Dragon Age 4, the information is dropped in dribs and drabs.

Dragon Age 4 Release Date

Dragon Age 4

The game was originally scheduled for late 2022. However, some clues may suggest that the release date is not coming soon, even though in February 2022, Jeff Grubb announced the release of the game within 18 months. The news is rarely good, the fault of a current context not frankly favourable to the development of video games. The COVID crisis and the shortage of chips have forced many big productions to be postponed, while the war in Ukraine simply prevents some studios from operating, like GSC Game World, which develops S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2.

Few areas have been spared by the successive crises that are hitting our little blue planet. Bioware communicated in March on the departure of the executive producer of the team, Christian Dailey, one of the thinkers of the project, but specified that the development of Dragon Age 4 was going well. It would have gone beyond the blueprint stage (very basically, the concept and pre-production phase) and would be in the middle of the process, so the universe dear to our hearts is emerging.

But can we really say that everything is fine based on a communication from Gary Mckay, CEO of the studio? Whether it’s the crises that follow one another or the departure announcements, the situation could be reminiscent of somewhat chaotic development, especially since the working conditions at Bioware have already led to a commercial failure in the past with Anthem.

The worries within the studios have rarely yielded good results, as evidenced by the example of Cyberpunk last year and its petitions, or the interplanetary disaster that was Duke Nuke Forever, nicknamed Duke Nukem forever because of its infernally long development. There are of course very good elements overseeing the development of Dragon Age 4 in the Bioware team: Corrine Busche as game director, Mac Walters as production director or Benoit Houle as director of product development, all references in the field for years (not counting on the strike force of more than 300 people from the studio).

Dragon Age 4 Gameplay

Dragon Age 4

Unfortunately, as frequently, the game’s trailer does not yet give information about its gameplay. It is therefore difficult to pronounce for the moment, especially when we see the evolution of the game mechanics over the previous opus. On the other hand, we can draw some information on the narrative orientation of the game!

Indeed, in the trailer, a sentence catches the attention: “The time has come for a new hero. No magic hands, no ancient prophecy. The kind of person they won’t see coming. In this simple excerpt, we can see a willingness to take the opposite of the usual heroic fantasy stories, offering a refreshing approach at human height.

Dragon Age 4

Generally, most stories have the same basics: we have heroes or heroines, often nobody, who turns out to be elected from a prophecy, and bardaf, our avatar degums everything because it was his destiny … It’s all a bit like Joseph Campbell’s concept of monomyth, who hypothesized in 1949 that all the myths of the world were a revisit of the same history.

We’re not going to lie to each other, a little originality wouldn’t hurt. What if, for once, we really played an average person without much divine destiny? In Gamescom’s 2020 the Scenes trailer, Patrick Weekes, lead writer on the project, says: “In the game, we’re developing, we want to ask ourselves what happens when you don’t have power?” This is very encouraging for the future!

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