Raúl Rivero, Cuban poet and journalist dissident of Castroism, dies in Miami

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Cuban dissident poet and journalist Raúl Rivero died this Saturday in Miami, according to the Cuban newspaper, newspaper of which he was founder, which cites as a source the wife of the poet, Dama de Blanco Blanca Reyes Castañón. The poet was 75 years old.

Raúl Rivero was one of the 75 opponents, human rights activists and independent journalists who were imprisoned in the Black spring 2003. He received a 20-year prison sentence in that wave of repression.

The following year, in November 2004, the poet was released by the Cuban regime after international pressure, mainly Spanish. An “extra-criminal leave” for health reasons allowed his release from prison and in April 2005 he moved to Spain with his family. The poet and journalist lived the last years of his life in Miami, United States.

“He never, ever recovered from leaving Cuba. He did not die because of that, but he always spoke of Morón where he was born “, Blanca Reyes told Cuban newspaper.

“He was in Cuban newspaper even before his birth. He participated in its design, in the idea. Nothing excited him more than journalism and poetry, “said the director of this publication, Pablo Díaz Espí.

Rivero was a “fighter for the freedom of Cuba,” wrote journalist Michel Suárez, also the founder of the aforementioned newspaper, on Facebook. “Cuba is in eternal debt” with him, he added.

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