VIDEO: This is how the Russian anti-aircraft system Pántsir-S works against drones

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Russian anti-aircraft gun and missile systems Pántsir-S have shot down simulated enemy drones during training at the Ashuluk range of Astrakhan province, in the southern European part of Russia, near the Caspian Sea.

The training exercise focused primarily on the detection and destruction of small-sized air targets with guided missiles, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Recently, the Russian state television reported that the advanced Turkish-produced Bayraktar attack drones are an easy target for Russia’s Pántsir anti-aircraft systems.

“This is a very light target, very ‘tasty’ for Pantsir,” said the deputy chief of the anti-aircraft missile troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Colonel Yuri Muravkin.

Regarding some cases in which the Pántsir systems supplied to Syria and Libya were destroyed by drone attacks, the colonel explained that these anti-aircraft missile systems were not activated, or were unattended by military personnel.

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