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4 Middle Eastern series to take note and watch on Netflix

There was a time when it was difficult not to see audiovisual content that was not created and produced in the United States or the United Kingdom. Internet, globalization and later streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime or even the brand new HBO Max They made possible the massive consumption of series and movies made in different parts of the world. However, of course, the service Reed Hastings It is the one that has gained the most ground in the production of this type of content.

Al Rawabi Girls’ School is one of the latest releases (Photo: IMDb)

Two of the regions that have grown the most in this area in recent times are Latin America and the Middle East, which has surely attracted you to this note. Here we make a point to recommend some Middle Eastern series that are on Netflix, whose stories will catch you from the first moment and that in most cases, will leave you reflecting on different aspects.

+ Series from the Middle East that you should not miss

4. Al Hayba

This 2017 series is one of the most popular Netflix has. Located in a town on the border between Lebanon and Syria, it revolves around the head of a dangerous smuggling group, who is struggling with his family and personal problems and even with a love that turns out to be too difficult.

3. Whispers

Produced in Saudi Arabia revolves around a very dark family tragedy. The patriarch of the group dies and his sons set out to investigate what happened to him. In this way and very little by little, more and more devious secrets about its history emerge. It has only one season of eight chapters.

2. Al Rawabi School for Girls

Produced in Jordan follows the life of three young people who cannot bear any longer running the Al Rawabi School for Young Ladies, which they attend and, therefore, plan to take revenge for everything they suffered there. A very interesting drama that reflects and closely analyzes cyberbullying and bullying. This miniseries has only six episodes.

1. Dollar

Zeina teams up with Tarek to get away with selling a ticket that is valued at no less than $ 1 million. But that will not be entirely easy and great danger will come between them. Starring Amel Bouchoucha y Adel Karam, has a season with episodes of 40 minutes.

The Curse of Hill House / Bly Manor


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