Digimon Survive is delayed again and won’t arrive until 2022

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Digimon Survive will not arrive before the end of the year chimes. The game developed by Witchcraft is delayed once again, as the study has revealed in a statement published on social networks by Bandai Namco, its publisher. The message is signed by Habo Kazumasa, producer of this JRPG based on the popular saga.

The producer has addressed fans “who have been patiently waiting” for the video game for so long. He wanted to thank the support received and the patience regarding the development of Digimon Survive. “Our original goal was to release Digimon Survive in 2021. However, due to the need to allocate more development time, it is necessary to move the launch date to 2022 ”. They indicate that the decision has not been easy, but that they need to use that amount of extra time to polish the gaming experience.

“The entire development team is they workdO al maximum in the title, so we ask you to be patient. We look forward to sharing more news and updates about Digimon Survive with all of you soon. Thanks again for your continued support, ”says Kazumasa.

Initially planned for 2020

The situation derived from coronavirus pandemic It has caused delays in many video game developments. Digimon Survive has been one of the victims, because although in the new statement they refer to its focus being 2021, the truth is that the team planned to commercialize it even earlier, in 2020.

Months after the pandemic broke out, Habo Kazumasa himself assured that COVID 19 had “Turned around” to their development times, so they were forced to make “the difficult decision to postpone the launch” of the product until the following year. It could not be either.

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Digimon Survive is in development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Source | Bandai Namco (Twitter)


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