Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 details its 5 unique features

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Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated titles in the PlayStation Studios catalog. Available next February on PS5 and PS4, Guerrilla Games’ work will serve as a sequel to the celebrated Horizon Zero Dawn five years later, a wait that will result not only in major improvements and changes at a mechanical or narrative level, but also in the technological plane. The official PlayStation portal has updated the game file with the 5 exclusive features of the PS5 version.

The information, which they have noticed from the forum of ReseEra, leaves us interesting details that make it clear which is the best version of Horizon Forbidden West, in the absence of knowing how it performs on a PS4.

Instant fast travel, DualSense controller use and 3D sound

On the one hand, it is confirmed that the memory SSD will guarantee that fast travel and return to departure are “almost instantly” thanks to the ultra-fast speed of these memories. On the other, aspects that are reaffirmed and do not change: we will have a quality mode with 4K resolution and HDR (FPS to be confirmed) and another Performance mode that will go up to 60 FPS “And further improves the fluidity of movements, animations and controls” with dynamic resolution.

Horizon Forbidden West will take advantage of haptic feedback from the PS5 DualSense controller. “Feel the blades of grass brushing against you as you sneak up on you, the melee attacks you inflict on machines and armored humans,” they explain, to which we have to add localized vibration: we will feel the directional impact of enemy attacks when we try to dodge them.

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Also, adaptive triggers The command will make us feel the tension of the bowstring, the strength of the hook or the resistance of the triggers with heavy weapons. Finally, the sonido 3D Tempest with compatible headphones, which will offer a sensation of advanced and localized immersion. Additionally, it has also been confirmed that the game will use Ray Tracing and PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West will go on sale on February 18, 2022 on PS5 and PS4.

Source | PlayStation; via ResetEra


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