Inflation in Honduras reached 0.39% in August and accumulates 2.54% in the year

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Tegucigalpa, Sep 6 (EFE) .- The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Honduras rose 0.39% last August due to the increase in the cost of some food, household items and recreation, while accumulated inflation it amounted to 2.54%, an official source reported on Monday.

In the last twelve months, the variation in inflation reached 4.48%, a percentage that exceeds the 3.22% of the previous period, the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) said in a report.

According to the information, the monthly behavior of the CPI was mainly explained by the increase in the price of some foods, clothing, footwear, furniture, items for home preservation and recreation.

The BCH pointed out that the sectors of food and non-alcoholic beverages and clothing and footwear, with 0.11 percentage points both, were the ones that most influenced the behavior of inflation in August.

Furniture and items for home conservation, and recreation and culture are added, with 0.006 points each, added the institution.

The sectors of accommodation, water, electricity, gas and other fuels, with 0.04 percentage points, hotels, cafeteria and restaurants, with 0.02 points, and personal care, with 0.01 points registered “positive contributions”, indicated the entity.

Meanwhile, the transportation sector “compensated with a negative contribution of 0.02 percentage points,” said the institution, adding that all regions of the country registered inflationary pressures in August, mainly due to the growth in the price of food, clothing clothing, furniture and household items.

The region with the highest increase in August was the eastern region, with 0.57%, followed by the western region (0.47%), the northern metropolitan area (0.45%) and the central metropolitan area (0.44%).

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The rest north zone registered an inflation of 0.40, south (0.20%) and rest central (0.09%)%, said the Honduran organization.

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