Landscape photography at the Arctic Circle: creating subjects under extreme conditions

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Lapland – this almost infinitely large and vast region in the far north of Europe is incredibly photogenic and a real photographic adventure. Here we find a nature that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. The Swedish part of Lapland is the most diverse. This is where the Unesco World Heritage Site Laponia is located, with its nature and culture that is unique in Scandinavia. Here there is taiga and tundra like in Russia and Finland and high mountain regions like in Norway. In the world-famous Sarek National Park or in the almost inaccessible Vadvetjåkka National Park, the mountain peaks are still covered with snow in summer and new snow is added in autumn.

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The first thing that strikes every visitor to Lapland immediately: the vastness, the emptiness and the silence. Lapland is not necessarily flat, especially in the northern part of Sweden the landscape rises to over 2000 meters up to the Kebnekaise. But a large part is shaped by the fells, a largely treeless landscape. Fjäll actually only means mountains. But due to the Ice Age character, the mountains in Lapland, unlike in the Alps, for example, are characterized by relatively small differences in altitude and rounded shapes. The fells mostly form extensive undulating and hilly plateaus.

In the long winters and short summers, only low bushes such as bilberry, lingonberry and cloudberry survive in the mountains. Trees, including conifers, can no longer cover the whole area up here, they can only be found sporadically or in small groups. That is why the fells allow magnificent views of the seemingly endless expanses of the Lappish landscape.

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