Sony to shut down PS Vita’s Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice servers in December

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PS Vita turns off its last lights. Sony’s ill-fated laptop broke its business cycle years ago, when studios turned off the tap and stopped designing products for the machine. Although the company’s attempt to shut down the PS Store of this console was unsuccessful, the company’s two-game servers will say goodbye. Both Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice will be without online service from December 24, at least in Japanese territory (nothing has been said about other markets yet).

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Both can be played without the need for online

The two games were produced by Sony’s Japanese studios. Freedom Wars is an action-focused RPG that includes both local and online multiplayer, so shutting down servers won’t completely kill the experience. In this adventure, players must battle gigantic robotic creatures, an easier task when you have a partner covering your back.

Soul Sacrifice, meanwhile, is also an Action RPG. At MeriStation we made a top with the best games on the console and this was one of those chosen by the editorial staff and the magazine’s collaborators. Keiji Inafune, considered the creator of Mega Man, is one of the visible faces behind this production. It is a kind of Monster Hunter, albeit of a darker nature. It implements a magic system that is combined with the melee and with a very dark narrative. Like Freedom Wars, it can also be played solo.

PS Vita was born as a high-end product destined to scratch an unexplored portion of the market in portable territory. However, after a first wave of launch, the pace of games was progressively decreasing. The Japanese tried to bring it to life using the device for Remote Play functionality of PS3 and PS4, but the console never took flight and Sony decided to abandon it.

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