The macabre story of the sexual predator filmmaker who committed suicide with cyanide in Córdoba

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Four months ago the filmmaker Ivan Noel He committed suicide in his motorhome in a field in Alta Gracia, Córdoba. Iván Noel was a stage name that he adopted years ago in Spain. It was easier to pronounce in Spanish than his real name: Yves Noel Couldrey. It also allowed him to distance himself from the sordid reality of a man convicted twice in France for the production of child pornographic material and sexual abuse of children.

Two days before his death, the diary The voice revealed that it had been accused of sexual abuse by three teenagers Cordobeses who acted in one of his films, Lamb of God. Now the french magazine Society, that I was investigating Couldrey since April, revealed more cases of pedophilia and pedopornography in England, France, India, Spain and Argentina.

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I think he killed himself because he was cornered, this time he had nowhere to run. He ran from India, he could not return to France, he left Spain overnight. I was at the foot of the wall, I was going to have to face the Justice and the escrache of society, “he told TN the French journalist Guillaume Vénétitay, one of the three authors of the investigation of Society, with Emmanuelle Andreani and Léo Ruiz.

The nine-page article, entitled “Iván Noel, itinerary of a pedocriminal”, reveals the modus operandi and aspects of the life of the 52-year-old man, a “Multi-recidivist pedophile” that until the day of his death he harassed what was his first known victim.

According to Vénétitay, two days before killing himself, Noel also sent them an eight-page letter in which he denied the accusations of abuse and criticized a “Intolerant society” and “western morality”, Words that he took up in a farewell video on the networks.

The farewell video of Iván Noel and another private one to one of his victims

Hours before committing suicide, Iván Noel published a video on YouTube titled “The goodbye without sadness of Iván Noel”. In the clip that he signed as “Yves, el Iván” he denied the abuse and stated: “I was never able to hurt people, much less the most vulnerable”.

“I end my chapter without depression or sadness, or with any kind of regret or bitterness, but as Max (referring to a friend who years ago made the determination to kill himself by taking a lethal pill) logically and clearly”, He expressed in the video in which he is seen putting on gloves to maneuver a potassium cyanide bottle.

The video he sent to his victim: “When you will receive this, I will no longer be of this world”

This was not the only video that the filmmaker and musician recorded before his death. As revealed Society, he also sent one to the person who is his first known victim, Alexandre Melin, a 43-year-old French.

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“When you will receive this, I will no longer be of this world. Frankly, I was wondering who would be first: you or me? You, obviously, because you have problems. I, because I have been fed up for years, that I do not want to continue this absurd life with this absolutely grotesque human race ”, he said.

Ivan Noel’s abuse of Alexandre Melin

Melin was 11 years old when she met Iván Noel. It was at a summer camp for musicians, in England, in 1989. The filmmaker, then 21 years old (although he told Melin that he was 19) struck up a relationship of “friendship” with the lonely boy before abusing him in his tent. Like many sex offenders, he told him to “not tell anyone anything”, that it was “a secret”. He also spoke of an “initiation dating from Greek antiquity.”

Two years later, Ivan Noel appeared in Meudon, the city on the outskirts of Paris where Melin lived. He had befriended the family and the increasingly violent abuse continued for two years. It was until Noel’s first arrest, in 1992, while working at a summer camp.

Two years in prison for videos of abuse of street children

Noel had made a “mistake”: giving reveal to a photographic laboratory a roll with images of naked children. Local employees discovered the obscene photos with horror and alerted the police. Investigators found pedophile magazines and more images of child abuse in their home raids.

It was found that Iván Noel, then 25 years old, worked for Bernard Alapetite, a businessman who ran a child pornography network in Europe. For him recorded a movie with three Romanian teenagers in a street situation, to whom he paid between 600 and 1000 francs to perform sex scenes.

Noel admitted to the police that he had groped one of the children, aged 14. In 1993, it was sentenced to two years in prison for the production of child pornography.

For Melin, it took decades and years of therapy accept that you had been a victim of rape and report the case to the courts. The first time he did so, in 2010, the case was shelved. So Melin hired a lawyer who moved the case and finally got the filmmaker to go sentenced in absentia in 2019 to 12 years in prison for the crime of sexual abuse with carnal access.

From India to Córdoba, the modus operandi by Iván Noel

Research Society highlights the modus operandi by Iván Noel: “At each of his stops around the world, Couldrey will repeat the same routine. He will seduce the parents of children with his interpersonal skills and offer his services as a home teacher… Most fall under the spell of this polyglot with a scholarly, funny, intrepid air, a versatile artist who does everything, from music to camera ”.

Noel was not just a globetrotter for pleasure, he was one for necessity. At every opportunity, he interrupted his stay in a country from one day to the next when he began to be linked to alleged abuse.

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His first destination after getting out of jail was india, where he worked as a tutor in a wealthy Puducherry family. Then, in the town of Palayapattinam, he helped the creation of an orphanage in which about 45 children lived.

A few months later, the police in that country asked Interpol and Scotland Yard to collaborate in investigating an alleged sexual abuse against a child from that home (on paper, “the Frenchman” had British nationality). Iván Noel denounced a plot against him and packed his suitcases. Destination: Spain.

He landed in Jerez de la Frontera, in Andalusia, where he began to teach English, French and theater to boys. He also shot his first film as an independent filmmaker, In your absence (2006). To do this, he searched among his students for his “chosen one”: then 10 years old, to whom he also gave guitar lessons. The film narrates the passage from childhood to adolescence, the discovery of sexuality in a child and made an impression in pedophile circles with his scenes of child nudity.

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Then Noel moved to Sevilla, where he made another boy, Manuel, his new star. The boy’s mother, Marisol, was alert to the expensive gifts that a suspicious American producer linked to the filmmaker gave her son: a Mac computer, a camera … After investigating on the web, the woman discovered that photos and excerpts from Noel’s movies circulated on pedopornographic sites and he cut off all connection with him.

An abrupt departure from Spain

Shortly after, one day in 2010, Marisol received a call from Noel. The film director told him to go find his cat at home, otherwise the cat would starve. He was already gone.

In addition to the mascot, Noel had left behind “his computers, his computer equipment, his skis, his four electric guitars” and his car parked in front of the building, he listed Society. This time the filmmaker headed for Buenos Aires, where he rented an apartment in the Belgrano neighborhood, before finally settling in the town of Jesus Maria.

In Córdoba Noel got married, took Argentine nationality and recorded a string of films such as Returns (2012), Limbo and They came back (2015). The common denominator of their ten feature films is that they all act dozens of guys. Limbo, for instance, is about an orphanage of vampires, Rejected it’s about a group of kids that eat a forbidden fruit and they become witches and Lamb of God tells the story of a boarding school for priests.

According SocietySome of the technicians he hired were surprised that Noel is always surrounded by babies. “The Frenchman”, as he was known in Córdoba, reassured them with a history of abuse by an alcoholic father.

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A second camera and patron visits on the sets

The French magazine also revealed that on the sets of its films “in addition to the official camera, a second, smaller, circulated everywhere and recorded intimacy of the shoot, out of sight of the parents present ”. Those snippets are the ones that appeared on various child pornography sites and pedophile sites, according to Society.

In the filming in Córdoba too some of the filmmaker’s “patrons” demonstrated: a 70-year-old American, a Polish citizen …. It is that Noel financed his films through campaigns of crowdfunding whose links appeared in child pedophilia forums like boychat and boywiki. The biggest donors had as a “prize” the right to attend the filming.

“You’re very cute”, “I see you grew up from the movie”, “Hello, how much do you have?” … as he could see TN, the messages that older men from Ukraine, USA and Arab countries left on the Facebook page of one of the Argentine child actors leave little room for doubt about the scope in which Noel’s productions circulate.

The day Noel was arrested at the Córdoba airport

After Melin’s complaint, the French Justice tapped the phone of Noel’s relatives in 2015. This is how they could hear how in a call to his mom to apology for pedophilia: “Christian, the German, is married, has two children and no one is bothered that he falls in love with boys. He admits it himself and nobody has a problem with it. He even talks about it, but he has a perfectly respectable life, aside from this little thing. “

In another call, he told her that he was going to travel to the Porto film festival, in Portugal. The French Justice then issued an international arrest warrant and on February 26, 2016, Noel was arrested at the Córdoba airport. He spent a few months in jail, until the federal Justice decided reject the extradition request considering that the crime was prescribed by Argentine law.

Before being sentenced in 2019, Iván Noel wrote the judge an unusual letter in which he assured that Melin “had loved him” and acted out of spite. The filmmaker continued to harass his victim. He sent him messages with insults in which he called him a “damn revisionist liar”, “parasite”, and accused him of “inventing traumas”. To the journalists of SocietyMelin said she felt “relief” upon learning of the death of her abuser.

A few months before the complaints of three of his young actors were made public, Iván Noel had left Jesús María for the nearby town of High grace, where he opened a school of acting and rock for children between 8 and 14 years old. “Theater classes serve for shy or introverted children to open up,” the filmmaker and predator told a local media at the time. History was ready to repeat itself.

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