The son of Richard Sutton’s partner, one of the richest men in the United Kingdom, is found guilty of the murder of the aristocrat

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Thomas Schreiber was found guilty of the murder of Sir Richard Sutton, one of the richest landowners in the United Kingdom, and the attempted murder of his own mother, Anne Schreiber, partner of the aristocrat, reported this Friday the Dorset Police.

The businessman was stabbed to death on April 7 inside his mansion, while Anne Schreiber suffered multiple serious injuries caused by a knife that has kept hospitalized since the day of the attack.

As stated by the defense before a Winchester Crown court, the defendant’s mental health deteriorated due to the confinement he underwent during the pandemic in the weeks leading up to the crime, which occurred on his father’s eighth death anniversary.

The defendant admitted to killing Sutton, but denied the attenuated liability homicide against him, and pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of his mother. He also claimed that a voice in his head was shouting “attack, attack, attack”, so he could not stop stabbing the couple.

“The only sentence I can give is life imprisonment, but for the crime of murder I have to set the minimum number of years and I also have to sentence him for the attempted murder of his mother,” Judge Graham, in charge of the case, to Thomas Schreiber, who will receive his sentence next Monday.

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