The tender reunion between Daniela Ospina and Salomé after a vacation with her father

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Salomé Rodríguez Ospina showed her skills as a bilingual singer

The two moved their followers a lot as they make more and more clear the great bond they share as a family.

For a couple of days, Daniela Ospina traveled to Medellín in Colombia to reconnect with her family after several months without being able to meet again.

The model and influencer has lived in Miami, United States for a long time, in the company of her daughter Salomé to seek better opportunities in her work as a model and content creator. So it is normal for you to spend long periods away from your loved ones.

However, Daniela and Salomé are not used to spending a lot of time apart. But the little girl was also reunited with James Rodríguez after months without seeing him for his work as a footballer.

Now, it was Salomé and Daniela who moved their followers as they staged a tender reunion while Ospina returned from Medellín. And they are too sweet!

Click on the video above to watch them.

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