Triangle Strategy shares all the changes and improvements made after the demo

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Square Enix promised to take note of the feedback received after the demo of Project Triangle Strategy, finally called Triangle Strategy, to make the experience something according to both the vision of its creators and the tastes of potential buyers. If in itself the sensations were good with this demo, now we know all the improvements and changes applied during these months of development.

The information comes a few days after seeing the new Triangle Strategy trailer during the Nintendo Direct, which also offered the final date of the game, March 4, 2022 in physical and digital format. Thus, the title of turn-based tactical role with HD-2D graphics It will come with improvements in loading times, events, changes in the difficulty of the battles, their management and more.

Starting with the loading times, have now been shortened by about 10 seconds in the most relevant scenes during events; the goal is to reduce it even further before launch, they say.

New levels of difficulty, camera control, text playback …

On the other hand, it is now possible automatically play the text of the dialogues at events or skip sequences. Another quality of life detail is the addition of a conversation history or an increase in cursor speed on the map, with greater distinction between the icons of the character’s episodes and the sub-stories. In the Debut Demo, you had to return to the world map after watching an event. In the final version of the game it will be possible to see various events in succession.

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At the level of difficulty, Square Enix has added a “difficult” and an “easy” level, thus expanding the range of complexity of the game, depending on the type of audience. The camera it also undergoes changes, with free adjustment of the same to zoom in or out, rotate up to 90 degrees with the right lever, rotation sensitivity … Equally interesting is the simulation mode, which allows us to consult the projected results of the actions against enemies outside our scope.

Yasuaki Arai and Tomoya Asano, producers of Triangle Strategy, appreciate the feedback received from the fans and hope that the story, which will branch out in different ways, will meet expectations. The game will be released in physical and digital format, translated into Spanish, exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.

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