WhatsApp: why use the ‘single view’ feature only with people you trust

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WhatsApp already allows you to send photos or videos that are automatically deleted after being seen once, known as ‘View Once’ or ‘Single view’. This is one of the new bets of the instant messaging application to continue being the favorite of millions of users; However, the newly released feature has certain cons that are worth mentioning and that make you think twice about using it with an unknown contact, why should you only use it with people you trust? Here we give you some details.

The app is used daily to share images, documents, stickers or emojis, and its recent incorporation increases privacy on the platform, but exposes it to risky situations such as extortion with its temporary message modality, as has been warned by Panda Security in a statement released by . It is here where words like ‘sextortion’ or ‘grooming’, the sexual harassment and abuse of minors by adults, sound strongly.

Yes OK ‘Single view’ O ‘View Once’, which is how this modality of temporary message is called, it gives the user greater control over their privacy, it has a disadvantage because the receiver can take screenshots, a function that is not restricted in this application, and although the image it disappears when opened, there is already a record that will be stored in the gallery. Even his own WhatsApp he mentions it in his , and is that the recipient can also make a recording of the screen where the multimedia file is seen and you will not be notified if it was done.

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Another option for the one who receives the file and wants to save it on their device is to take a photo or video with a camera or other device before it disappears.

In addition to this, it must be emphasized that if the contact to whom the shipment was made ignores the material with the ‘View once’ function, after 14 days it will expire and it will automatically be destroyed, it means that it can no longer be opened and to see it again, you would have to ask the contact to send it to you again. This is where it is important that only trusted people are sent, so that it is not uncomfortable to have to receive the request again.

As reported by the portal specialized in the latest news from WhatsApp, we refer to , if you decide to ignore a photo or video sent with the ‘View once’ function, after 14 days it will expire and it will automatically be destroyed, it means that you will no longer be able to open it and to see it again you would have to ask the contact to I send it back to you.

The portal details that the following message will appear: “The video expired. These videos or photos have expired, please ask (contact name) to resend them ”. Therefore, we always recommend opening this type of content, since many times the sender may not be a trusted person and asking them to resend it again would be somewhat inconvenient.

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